Musaab Hasan

Zigbee Based Voice-Controlled Wireless Smart Home System

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In this paper a voice controlled wireless smart home system has been presented for elderly and disabled people. The proposed system has two main components namely (a) voice recognition system, and (b) wireless system. LabView software has been used to implement the voice recognition system. On the other hand, ZigBee wireless modules have been used to implement the wireless system. The main goal of this system is to control home appliances by using voice commands. The proposed system can recognize the voice commands, convert them into the required data format, and send the data through the wireless transmitter. Based on the received data at the wireless receiver associated with the appliances desired switching operations are performed. The proposed system is a low cost and low power system because ZigBee is used. Additionally the proposed system needs to be trained of voice command only once. Then the system can recognize the voice commands independent of vocabulary size, noise, and speaker characteristics (i.e., accent).

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Obaid, T., Rashed, H., El Nour, A. A., Rehan, M., Saleh, M. M., & Tarique, M. (2014). ZigBee based voice-controlled wireless smart home system. International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks, 6(1), 47.‏


Feb 2, 2014
Thoraya Obaid, HaleemahRashed, Ali Abou-Elnour, Muhammad Rehan, Mussab Muhammad Saleh, and Mohammed Tarique